Cryogenic Vaporizers

Cryogenic Vaporizers

West Warwick Welding is now proud to offer our customers a quality cryogenic vaporizer package at a reasonable price point. Our engineering and sale departments are both ready to talk to you about the options and customizations that we can offer on our products. Our top priority is to provide a product that is custom tailored to your exact specification requirements. Take a look at our available vaporizers:

All vaporizers requiring electrical controls will come with a pre-programmed PLC to offer modern temperature control and monitoring of our equipment. Each PLC is fully customizable to ensure access to any information from the vaporizer, locally or remotely.

Every unit that is shipped from our facilities leaves with an Oxygen Clean designation. This means no matter the process that is designated, the process side of our vaporizer will be cleaned and ensured to meet oxygen service. This gives our customers the confidence of knowing that their new vaporizer is clean for their process.

Vaporizer Features and Options

West Warwick Welding’s CryoBath Product line allows users to customize the unit to meet their requirements with ease. All units offer the following options. Our engineers are available to review other custom options that you may require,

  • Outlet Pressure Sensor
  • Mass Flow Rate Sensor
  • Low Temperature Cutoff Systems
  • SCR Power Control
  • Dedicated Pressure Building Coil/Bundle 
  • High Pressure Applications
  • Bypass and Quenching System for Precise Outlet Temp Control
  • Flow Control/Custom Valving