Who is
West Warwick Welding

West Warwick Welding is a family owned business that has been fabricating pressure vessels for 100 years. 

Since our founding in 1920 West Warwick Welding has been fabricating various American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certified Pressure Vessels and other pressure equipment. Being able to manufacture to ASME, the Pressure European Directive (PED), Chinese Manufacturing License (CML),  allows us to ship our tanks world wide to serve our customers.

We strive to provide our customers with a high quality product that will meet their needs in any application or specification they provide.

Our Approach

Over the last 100 years we have made customer, service, quality workmanship of fabrication and assembly our number one priority.  Being a family company, we are able to streamline our process without the delays typically found in large companies. All  jobs are handled by our team of engineers and typically are in process within hours of receiving a purchase order.  

Our company strives to meet the highest quality standards. An extensive quality management system and dedicated inspection team and engineers oversee your project. This ensures products are manufactured to meet design, fabrication specifications and standards to the highest level.

Our History

  • 1920
West Warwick Welding was founded.

  • 1948
Became certified by ASME and received our “R” Stamp

  • 1982
Became certified by ASME and received our “U” and Power Piping (PP) Stamps

  • 2002
Became certified by ASME and received our “UM” stamp and have our own certified individuals on the shop floor. 

  • 2010
Received our PED certification allowing units to be shipped to Europe.

  • 2016
Expanded our engineering team to support our customers needs.

  • 2019
Creation of the West Warwick Welding, Cryo Division allowing us to support our customers vaporization needs.